We are Oregon’s premier multifamily building contractor. Unlike most builders who focus on single family homes, or building large apartment complexes, our primary focus is building quality duplexes and fourplexes for investors, first time buyers, and veterans.

My name is Jamie Batte and I am one of the co-founders of truHOME. I have owned and operated several real estate companies over the last 21 years and have helped numerous investors build their wealth through purchasing multi family homes. I have helped veterans create a NET ZERO mortgage payment by living in one unit of a fourplex and renting out the other three. First time buyers using FHA loans have reduced their housing expense by doing the same. And even though the demand for these properties have always been high, most builders have elected the route of single family homes, so the availability for duplexes and 4plexes have always been scarce. We aim to change that…

I partnered with my long time friend Tom McGowan who was born and raised in Southern Oregon. He has served in Public Safety for 26 years and has worked with our communities to enhance live-ability and safety for a better place to raise our families. His time as a chief officer in the fire department has afforded him the opportunity to manage teams and schedules to produce positive, efficient and effective outcomes. He brings his knowledge of local, state and national building and safety codes to every project and ensures quality and safety are the priority for every build.

Our flagship design was created with flexibility in mind. We wanted to build a home, not just a mini apartment building. We wanted a structure that a homeowner would want to live in and have great rentals to help offset their mortgage. We created an investment that fills the largest need in rental housing, larger family rentals and smaller rentals for those who don’t need a lot of space. Once you see one of our homes, there is no mistaking…this isn’t your average multifamily building.

So whether you’re a savvy investor, first time buyer, or veteran, we would love to build you a better home and investment. Please send us a message below and we will get back to you right away!